COVID-19 Pandemic

The world is now under the grip of "COVID-19 pandemic", the normal life of citizens of the world has been impacted and not mention businesses of all sizes either its small or large. As people are striving to save themselves from this global scare, we at IQ4I are offering innovative solutions to these challenges. Here is the list of market research reports published by IQ4I that would arm you with market intelligence data and support you to face the challenge with confidence.

Monitoring & diagnostics: Respiratory Care Devices, Fetal and Neonatal Care Devices, Cerebral and Pulse Oximeter, Patient Monitoring

Invitro diagnostics: In Vitro Diagnostics, Molicular Diagnostics, Liquid Biopsys etc

Protection: Sterilization and Disinfection

Technologies: Polymerase Chain Reaction, Next-Generation Sequencing, Proteomics

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by a new virus. CoVs are positive-stranded RNA viruses with a crown-like appearance under an electron microscope (coronam is the Latin term for crown) due to the presence of spike glycoproteins on the envelope. The disease causes respiratory illness (like the flu) with symptoms such as a cough, fever, sore through and in more severe cases, difficulty breathing. These symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure. In extreme cases Pneumonia, Kidney failure and death. COVID-19 has a mortality rate of 3.8 to 5.8%.

  • Virus enters through the nose and mouth
  • Finds a host cell in the respiratory system
  • Host cell then bursts and infects other cells nearby

Basic protective measures:

Most people who become infected experience mild illness and recover, but it can be more severe for others. Take care of your health and protect others by doing the following:

Wash your hands frequently

  • Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash them with soap and water.

Maintain social distancing

  • Maintain at least 1 meter (3 feet) distance between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing.

Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth
Practice respiratory hygiene

  • Covering your mouth and nose with your bent elbow or tissue when you cough or sneeze and dispose of the used tissue immediately.

Novel Corona virus first spread to human from an animal- thought to be a snake – at the South China Seafood Wholesale market.

When to Seek Medical Attention:

If you develop emergency warning signs for COVID-19 get medical attention immediately. Emergency warning signs include

  • Trouble breathing
  • Persistent pain or pressure in the chest
  • Inability to arouse
  • Bluish lips or face

Companies working on COVID-19

A total of 16 companies are working to tackle COVID 19 pandemic. Of which 6 are focused on treatment, 8 are focused on vaccine and 2 companies have focused on treatment + vaccine.

Organization Type Target Phase Current Status and Plan Timeline
Abbvie Treatment lopinavir/ritonavir combination 3 The company is collaborating with select health authorities and institutions globally to determine antiviral activity as well as efficacy and safety of lopinavir/ritonavir against COVID-19. NA
Gilead Treatment Remdesivir 3 Remdesivir is now being tested in five Covid-19 clinical trials that have been set up at breakneck speed. CT results are expected in April 2020
Vaccitech Vaccine lopinavir/ritonavir combination 2b A platform to new next-generation sequencing workflows focused in microbiology and infectious disease, including for the novel coronavirus. Started in March 2020
Ascletis Treatment Combination of two antivirals 1 The Chinese manufacturer is testing a combination of antivirals, one approved for HIV and one approved for hepatitis C, that might treat coronavirus infection NA
CanSinoBio Vaccine Covid-19 vaccine 1 CanSino's approach involves taking a snippet of coronavirus' genetic code and entwining it with a harmless virus, thereby exposing healthy volunteers to the novel infection and spurring the production of antibodies. CT to be started in March 2020
Moderna Vaccine mRNA-1273 1 A vaccine candidate was identified by Moderna just 42 days after the novel coronavirus was sequenced. The clinical trial started recruiting healthy participants in the first week of March. CT results are expected in summer 2020
AbCellera - Eli Lilly Treatment Antibody drug Preclinical Eli Lilly has partnered with a Canadian firm called AbCellera to develop antibody treatments for coronavirus infection. Using a blood sample from a coronavirus survivor, AbCellera identified more than 500 antibodies that might protect against the virus. CTs in humans to be started in the next four months of 2020
Arcturus Vaccine Covid-19 vaccine Preclinical The company in partnership with Duke University plans to take an RNA virus that has been edited to encode for proteins that will protect against infection and load it into a liquid nanoparticle. CT to be started in March-April 2020
GSK Vaccine Covid-19 vaccine Preclinical GSK is lending its technology to a Chinese – Clover Biopharmaceuticals – at work on a coronavirus vaccine. Clover’s approach involves injecting proteins that spur an immune response, thereby priming the body to resist infection. NA
Hoth Therapeutics Vaccine Self-assembling vaccine (SAV) Preclinical An agreement with Voltron Therapeutics was signed, to form a “HaloVax” JV, to commence preclinical studies for the development of vaccine prospects against COVID-19 based upon VaxCelerate, a self-assembling vaccine (SAV) platform. End of March 2020
Innovio Vaccine Covid-19 vaccine Preclinical Inovio has spent the last four decades working to turn DNA into medicine, and the company believes its technology could quickly generate a vaccine for the novel coronavirus. The company has partnered with a Chinese manufacturer, Beijing Advaccine Biotechnology. CTs are planned to be started in April 2020
JnJ Vaccine Covid-19 vaccine Preclinical J&J is using the same vaccine platform it used to develop its Ebola vaccine R&D – in Jan 2020 & CT to be started by the end of Nov 2020
Pfizer BioNtech Treatment + Vaccine New mRNA vaccine Preclinical Co-development of a new product clinical testing in humans. Germany’s BioNTech uses strands of mRNA to spur the production of protective antibodies. CTs are planned to be started in April 2020
Regeneron Treatment Monoclonal antibody therapy Preclinical To select the top 2 antibodies for a cocktail therapy, which can either be administered to at-risk people before exposure as a vaccine or as treatment for those already infected. Potential to enter human CT by early summer 2020
Takeda Treatment Polyclonal antibody therapy Preclinical Collaboration with several health and regulatory agencies and health care partners across the globe on its TAK-888. The company is trying to access to source plasma from people who have successfully recovered from COVID-19 Started in March 2020

COVID-19 infected cases

  Total Cases New Cases (+) Total Deaths New Deaths (+) Total Recovered Active Cases Critical cases
World 1,432,457 1,538 82,114 80 302,308 1,048,035 47,915
Total No. of COVID 19 tests conducted: 10,270,112 (Approximated)

Total COVID-19 Cases

Number of COVID 19 infected cases in each country, territory or province

United States 4,01,608 Bulgaria 577 Bermuda 39
Spain 1,41,942 Puerto Rico 573 Zambia 39
Italy 1,35,586 Latvia 548 Bahamas 33
Germany 1,07,659 Lebanon 548 Guinea-Bissau 33
China (mainland) 81,802 Andorra 545 Guyana 33
France 78,167 Slovakia 534 Saint Martin 32
Iran 62,589 Uzbekistan 520 Eritrea 31
United Kingdom 55,242 Cyprus 484 Gabon 30
Turkey 34,109 Costa Rica 483 Benin 26
Switzerland 22,253 Afghanistan 423 Haiti 25
Belgium 22,194 Uruguay 415 Myanmar 22
Netherlands 19,580 Cuba 396 Tanzania 22
Canada 17,883 Burkina Faso 384 Libya 20
Brazil 14,049 Albania 383 Antigua and Barbuda 19
Austria 12,519 Taiwan 376 Maldives 19
Portugal 12,442 Oman 371 Syria 19
South Korea 10,384 Réunion 358 New Caledonia 18
Israel 9,404 Jordan 353 Angola 17
Sweden 7,857 Ivory Coast 349 Equatorial Guinea 16
Russia 7,497 Honduras 312 Namibia 16
Australia 5,988 Malta 293 Fiji 15
Norway 5,903 Ghana 287 Mongolia 15
Ireland 5,709 San Marino 279 Dominica 14
Chile 5,116 Niger 278 Laos 14
Denmark 5,071 Mauritius 268 Saint Lucia 14
Czech Republic 4,944 Palestine 261 Liberia 13
Poland 4,848 Nigeria 254 Curaçao 13
India 5,194 Vietnam 251 Coral Princess 12
Romania 4,417 Montenegro 239 Grenada 12
Japan 4,168 Senegal 237 Sudan 12
Pakistan 4,005 Kyrgyzstan 228 MS Zaandam & Rotterdam 11
Ecuador 3,995 Georgia 196 Zimbabwe 11
Malaysia 3,963 Bolivia 194 Saint Kitts and Nevis 11
Philippines 3,764 Sri Lanka 185 Seychelles 11
Luxembourg 2,970 Faroe Islands 184 Greenland 11
Peru 2,954 Kosovo 184 Suriname 10
Saudi Arabia 2,795 DR Congo 180 Akrotiri and Dhekelia 10
Mexico 2,785 USS Theodore Roosevelt 173 Mozambique 10
Indonesia 2,738 Kenya 172 Chad 10
Serbia 2,447 Mayotte 171 Eswatini 10
United Arab Emirates 2,359 Jersey 170 Åland Islands 9
Finland 2,308 Guernsey 166 Nepal 9
Thailand 2,258 Venezuela 166 Central African Republic 8
Panama 2,249 Bangladesh 164 Northern Mariana Islands 8
Qatar 2,057 Martinique 152 Malawi 8
Dominican Republic 1,956 Isle of Man 150 Turks and Caicos Islands 8
Colombia 1,780 Guinea 144 Montserrat 8
Greece 1,755 Guadeloupe 139 St. Vincent & the Grenadines 8
South Africa 1,749 Brunei 135 Somalia[am] 8
Argentina 1,628 Guam 121 Belize 7
Iceland 1,586 Cambodia 117 Cape Verde 7
Singapore 1,481 Paraguay 115 Vatican City 7
Ukraine 1,462 Gibraltar 113 Botswana 6
Egypt 1,450 Rwanda 105 Mauritania 6
Algeria 1,423 Trinidad and Tobago 105 Nicaragua 6
Croatia 1,282 Northern Cyprus 91 Saint Barthélemy 6
Morocco 1,184 Djibouti 90 Sierra Leone 6
Estonia 1,149 Madagascar 88 Donetsk People's Republic 5
Moldova 1,056 Monaco 79 Bhutan 5
Slovenia 1,055 El Salvador 78 Gambia 4
Iraq 1,031 Guatemala 77 Luhansk People's Republic 4
New Zealand 969 Liechtenstein 77 São Tomé and Príncipe 4
Hong Kong 936 Aruba 74 Anguilla 3
Hungary 895 French Guiana 72 British Virgin Islands 3
Lithuania 880 Togo 65 Burundi 3
Belarus 861 Barbados 63 Falkland Islands 2
Armenia 853 Jamaica 63 Papua New Guinea 2
Bahrain 811 Mali 56 Sint Eustatius 2
Bosnia and Herzegovina 764 Ethiopia 52 Somaliland 2
Kuwait 743 Uganda 52 South Sudan 2
Azerbaijan 717 French Polynesia 47 Abkhazia 1
Diamond Princess 712 Cayman Islands 45 Artsakh 1
Cameroon 685 Republic of the Congo 45 East Timor 1
Kazakhstan 685 Macau 44 Guantanamo Bay 1
Tunisia 623 U.S. Virgin Islands 45 Saint Pierre and Miquelon 1
North Macedonia 599 Sint Maarten 40