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    How fast the market of your interest is growing?
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    What are your biggest Challenges?
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    What are your Revenue pockets?
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    What are your Competitors doing?
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    Who is your Customer?
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Intelligence Quotient for Innovation Research and Consultancy


IQ4I is a global strategy, consulting and a leading market research company. Our clients include leading businesses, investment banks, researchers and government agencies.

We are a team of highly qualified market researchers and consultants, committed to help clients make strategic decisions by providing relevant and firmly reliable data support. We enable our clients to identify the market opportunities with best-in-class market intelligence reports and Business Development & licensing services and provide support in hiring with best talents.

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Healthcare is an ever changing domain with an explosion in knowledge and breakthrough discoveries. Hence, it has become a major thrust area for the global giants in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices industries and also for corporates involved in research and development of new products.

IQ4I's focus areas in Healthcare include Pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, Medical devices and Healthcare IT. Since these domains cater to humans, they are subject to stringent regulatory mechanisms requiring highly specialized skills in knowledge processing, with superior quality and adherence to global standards.


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Wound closure and advanced wound care devices are used for the closure of the wound for better healing. Market information on products, application, end-user & Geography are included.
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Biochips are miniature labs where large number of tests is performed on a compact substrate. Applications include genotyping, protein expression, drug discovery, cancer diagnosis etc.
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Ventricular assist devices (VAD) are mechanical circulatory support devices used to treat end stage heart failure. These devices can support the function of the left (LVAD), right (RVAD), or both heart ventricles (BiVAD). Technological advancements, improved success, and low availability of donor hearts led to widespread acceptance of Ventricular assist devices.
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Glucose Monitoring consist of products that are essential for patients suffering diabetes. With the projected rise in aged population and awareness about such conditions, the market is focused on growing with newer technology and improved products.
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IQ4I Research & Consultancy published a new report on - Drug Discovery Outsourcing (DDO) Global Market - Forecast To 2025 analyzes and studies the major competition, market drivers & Opportunities, Restraints & Threats in North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World, spread through 203 slide.
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In-vitro diagnostics is an integral part of healthcare system that enables diagnosis, monitoring, screening and assessing the predisposition of various diseases which helping in providing timely and targeted treatment.
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Point of care Diagnostics/testing (POCD/POCT) is defined as the medical diagnostics which are performed outside the clinical laboratory at or near the site of patient care in order to improve the Therapeutic Turnaround time(TTAT)and effectiveness of lab testing. The emergence of rapid and easy to use point of care tests can dramatically enhance a physician’s ability to diagnose patient’s diseases rapidly and accurately.
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Latest News

Wound Closure & Advanced Wound Care Global Market estimated to be worth $25,268.9 billion by 2023

The wound is a breakdown in the protective function of the skin either intentionally or unintentionally, depending on the condition different wound care products are used. Use of biologics and emergence of technically advanced products have opened opportunities for market growth....

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Drug Discovery Outsourcing Global Market worth $25.0 Billion by 2025

This report provides comprehensive insights on the drug discovery outsourcing global market. The report covers all segments, global trends and emerging strategies of the outsourcing market related to drug discovery....

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IQ4I reports helps the clients to realize the market potential and competitive intelligence with key insights on the past trends and future growth forecasts.


clients testimonials

  • Before finalizing IQ4I's report we have considered our options for various market reports, but all the reports lack in some or the other part, which is quite crucial for our business. We are looking for information sources that can help us triangulate data that we collect on our own. IQ4I report intrigues me and my team enough that we had further explored by requesting a customized sample. Information what Iq4I provided was almost matching with our research.

  • IQ4I helped us in geographic based mapping of Pharmaceutical & biotech companies, academic institutes and spin-offs, healthcare providers focusing to develop innovative solutions to global healthcare problems. They understood our partnering areas of interest very well and provided a detailed presentation. Good job!!

  • Our association started with a small pilot project and now they are providing us drug pipeline reports on regular basis. The best thing about IQ4I reports is that we can ask for customization and they cover all treatment modalities. IQ4I is highly flexible and approachable.

  • We are really happy with the content and quality of the report. Thank you for your support and the customization on this report. We will be using this report for a variety of our public communications.

  • We believe our hunt for a consulting firm ends here, which understands the discovery outsourcing market thoroughly. Their insights on competitive intelligence were of great help to us.

  • These numbers are clearly far more accurate as they are very close to the numbers we have in our analysis based on populations. This makes them valuable and immediately useful.